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  • The BMJ features MyLocumManager

    In the recent edition of the BMJ, the feature article for that month focussed on doctors setting up technology companies in a bid to make the health service run more smoothly. Since our launch we have strived to reform the clunky, paper heavy and laborious administartion tasks that affect doct…
  • Appraisal Made Easy

    MyLocumManager and Fourteen Fish have created an appraisal guide which is packed with tips for locums to take the pain out of the appraisal process.     To find out what other benefits we offer locum/sessional GPs sign up to MyLocumManager for a free trial.  
  • New Pension form changes - what you need to know

    NHS Pensions (England & Wales) updated their pension forms A and B last week. They now have a “unique identifying reference number”. This is based on your 8-digit SD number. This number will have a reference added which corresponds to the month. For example 12345678LOCMAY17. There h…
  • Important Information on Employer Contribution Rate Changes

      By Dr Matthew Beddoe (@mattbeddoe) The NHS Business Service Authority has announced that from the 1st of April 2017, in England and Wales, the employers contribution rate will increase by 0.08% from 14.3% to 14.38% to cover administration costs. What this means for you: If yo…
  • Upcoming IR35 tax changes. Your questions answered.

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina) Here at we have been inundated with your questions about the upcoming tax changes being implemented in April that will affect locum GPs. Today our guest writers are BHP Chartered Accountants who have a team of specialist medical account…
  • Indemnity Inflation Payments for Locum GPs

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina)   From April 2017 practices are set to receive a payment from NHS England to compensate for ‘indemnity inflation’. This payment is intended to be used for all GP staff and the amount each practice is set to receive is based on its list size, Th…
  • A GP's twelve days of Christmas

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina)    On the twelfth day of Christmas my surgery gave to me;   Twelve home visits   Eleven ear infections    Ten “Tired all the times”   Nine “Check-my-vit Ds!”   Eight Physio refe…
  • 5 tips to decrease work stress and burnout for GPs

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina)   Self Care Week takes place from 14th – 20th November and has the theme “Understanding Self Care for Life.” As GPs we spend our entire career looking after our patients. Our own health and wellbeing usually is the last consideration we m…
  • Essential Tips to Combine Dermatology with General Practice

    Dr Nav Paul Interested in dermatology? Want to combine it with General Practice? MyLocumManager talk's to the dynamic Dr Nav Paul about her career as a GP with special interest (GPwSI) in Dermatology. I have been a GP since 2010 and expanded my role so now I have a Portfolio career. My main role…
  • Important information about making pension payments with BACS (England only)

    When submitting your Locum A and B forms you must submit a copy of your BACS submission confirming the date of payment and amount paid.  • Payments  are to be made to: Bank: Nat West Account name: NHS England Account Number: 10014896 Sort Code: 60-70-80 • Quote Reference as…
  • 5 factors to consider when booking a Cosmetic Training Course

    Dr Zack Ally GP Careers in Aesthetic Medicine A varied and diverse career is important to many GPs. More and more doctors are becoming interested in widening their skill and business base so it is no surprise that aesthetic medicine remains a very popular choice. Dr Zack Ally is CEO and medical…
  • Diversify your career: An interview with Medic Footprints

      With increasing workload pressures in General Practice. Many doctors are looking to branch out and add to their clinical roles. It can often be difficult to know where to start. We speak to Dr Abeyna Jones, Occupational medic and Co-Founder of Medic Footprints about how more and more doctors…
  • 5 things you need to get a mortgage as a Locum GP

        Getting a mortgage as a locum GP might seem more complicated but once you understand what’s required by lenders it should make life a lot easier. MyLocumManager helps locum GPs track and record their income, expenses and financial data. When applying for a mortgage as a locum,…
  • Medical Indemnity: The MDDUS CEO, Chris Kenny, answers your questions

      By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina) NHS England recently announced the introduction of a £60 million Indemnity Support Scheme for GPs to compensate the rising costs of indemnity. At first glance this seems like a welcome relief to tackle spiralling costs. Although there is no denyi…
  • Rising the Ranks: From Grassroots to Glass Ceilings

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina) Last week, Teresa May became the second female Prime Minister in British history. Whatever you may think of her, it is no mean feat to have battled through the anarchy of Conservative party politics to take the title. When you consider that only 29% of British M…
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