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  • Surviving your first day as a GP Locum

    Congratulations - you've got your first locum job! In order to get yourself off to a good start:   Arrive 15 minutes early Introduce yourself to keystaff, including any partnersor salaried doctors, so youcan approach them foradvice if needed. Ask for the locum pack (thissho…
  • What documents do I need to work?

    To work as a locum GP for a practice or agency you will need the following paperwork. MyLocumManager can help in various ways, for example with templates, links and calculations. Curriculum VitaeYou can use our free CV template to help you with this. Certificate of Completion of Training (CC…
  • How do I find work?

    There is so much locum work available and many ways of working. Whichever you choose, MyLocumManager can help.   What ways of working are there? Independent locum GP This is by far the most popular way of working because it gives you the most autonomy. You can negotiate your own pay ra…
  • Your Locum Survival Guide

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina) Working as a locum GP is a wonderful way of combining clinical practice with flexibility and variety. You can work whenever and wherever you like; not only in GP surgeries, but walk-in centres, out of hours clinics, prisons, or as a GP in A&E. However, star…
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