There is so much locum work available and many ways of working. Whichever you choose, MyLocumManager can help.


What ways of working are there?

Independent locum GP

This is by far the most popular way of working because it gives you the most autonomy. You can negotiate your own pay rates and work times, contribute to your NHS pension, avoid long commutes and build long-lasting work relationships with local practices so you always have a supply of locum work. A recent BMA survey showed that over three-quarters of locums book work directly with local practices. According to the BMA, 'This relationship between locums and practices is vital - faceless booking systems where the practice has no idea who will arrive or the quality of their work does no one any favours.'

To find a list of your local practices, look at NHS Choices. You can even drop in and look at them beforehand.

Finding work directly like this is a great way of establishing relationships in practices that you want to work in. It can be daunting at first, but you will soon notice how you start getting regular bookings and building your own group of preferred practices where you are not competing with other locums, all whilst working on your own terms.



Traditional locum agencies or online locum job platforms

This can be a good way of finding work quickly while you are building your independent practice list. However, bear in mind that you can't contribute to your pension with most agencies and you will be working to the agencies terms and conditions. Ensure you are aware of their cancellation policies. If you are working through a third party, you are still responsible for chasing payment - the agencies do not take responsibility for this even if the work is booked through them. Practices pay a fee to post jobs, so most GP practices prefer to work directly with independent locums. These sites often have the same group of practices that have a high staff turnover and need for locum cover. Register with multiple agencies to ensure you have enough of a work supply.



Locum chambers

A locum chambers consists of small groups of locum GPs that arrange work with groups of local practices. They offer a peer support structure and you can contribute to your pension working this way. However, a fee is deducted from your earnings, which may not appeal to everyone.