Created by General Practitioners for a sustainable flexible workforce

The Founders

Dr Matthew Beddoe


As a GP partner, PCN clinical director and trainer, I understand first hand the workforce challenges in primary care. General practice is about relationships, and I started My Locum Manager as a way to keep our GPs in our local area by supporting new ways of working. I quickly realised a staff bank does little to support the GP retention problem which is more than about shift filling. So I decided to create a comprehensive solution that would help communities of practices build relationships with GPs who wanted to work with flexibilty. I am proud of the significant number of our GP members that have taken on salaried roles or become part of the retainer scheme as well as those who we support to work flexibly but with a loyalty to their local area. 

Dr Surina Chibber

Pulse Power 50 GP 2017, 2018, 2019

I am a portfolio GP, I have a passion for technology and supporting flexible ways of working.  I am also a mum of two small children so I understand the importance of trying to work flexibly whilst achieving continuity of care for the patients I see. Like many GPs I wanted to create meaningful working relationships with local practices. Continuity of care for my patients was also important to me. We created an effective solution which alongside the technology, has comprehensive retention focussed support and a vibrant community. Our humble beginnings in 2015 has now grown to a GP membership across every CCG in England, relationships with Training Hubs PCNS, CCGs and ICS.  We expanded our platform with novel integrated ways of working that no other provider offers. Contact us for a demo and see how we can support you. 

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