About Us

The Founders

Matt Beddoe

MyLocumManager is part of the NHS England Clinical Innovation Scheme

I am a GP in Wandsworth, London. Over the past few years I have worked as a locum GP before more recently becoming a GP partner. Whilst working as a locum, I realised how difficult it is to stay on top of all the business admin that built up with each job. Making bookings, sending invoices, chasing payments, keeping records for accountants, and trying to manage those awful pension forms took up so much additional time.

I tried a variety of different systems, from spreadsheets to invoicing programs, but there was nothing I could find that was quick, user friendly and actually made my life easier. From talking to other locums, it seemed that many felt the same. It was then that I decided to create MyLocumManager.

MyLocumManager brings everything together, from invoicing, pension forms, expense management and Self Assessment tax return filing. 

Surina Chibber

I started working as a GP locum 3 years ago. The first few months of work were a steep learning curve. I had so many questions - What is the best way to find work? How can I stay organised with my locum admin? What do I do with the pension forms? Where can I find a good accountant? 

I wanted to create a solution that would help locum GPs with these common problems. So by working with other locums and medical accountants we created a simple, effective solution - MyLocumManager. 

We began sharing MyLocumManager with friends and colleagues and it has quickly grown from there. We are proud to have helped locum GPs across the country to become more empowered with their fianances, more supported in their locum journey and more relaxed about their tax returns!

If you want a better way of managing your business admin, do give us a try and see how much easier life can be!

Our Mission


MyLocumManager.com brings everything together for you from organising your locum diary to invoice and expense management. 


Our site is so simple and easy to use - you can manage your locum admin effortlessly in seconds.


Our site gives you flexibility. You can mange your locum life on your phone or tablet instead of being restricted to logging onto your desktop. You can even add a web-app icon to your phone home screen for added convenience. 


We offer free support and advice, we organise free CPD and webinar events to keep you up to date

It's been an exciting process creating this website and the feedback so far has been fantastic. We could all benefit from new methods of organising and managing our locum admin and we really feel that MyLocumManager offers an effective solution.

Dr Matthew Beddoe & Dr Surina Chibber, Founders of MyLocumManager, part of the NHS England Clinical Innovation Scheme.

Why choose us?

Created for locums, by locums
Easy to use on the go - completely optimised for your phone or tablet
Manage your admin in a few simple clicks using MyLocumManager's user friendly and intuitive software
Get free support and advice from our affiliated accountants
Never stress about another appraisal with our free online learning with CPD
Our free resources centre helps you get started as a locum GP. It has everything you need to get started from terms & conditions of work to our essential locum guide

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