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  • How to Make Money From Property Investment

    People often think that you have to have a lot of money to get into property investment. Fortunately you don’t, but many of us do not have the financial education to know there are multiple ways to make money from property a) with very little capital and b) without ever buying a property. And…
  • Flexibility and Higher Pay: Why NHS GPs Are Becoming Locums

    With the NHS being the victim of funding cuts from left, right, and centre, it’s no wonder that the quality of health care patients are receiving is rapidly diminishing, and that the number of full time GPs is declining year on year. The National Association of Sessional GPs conducted a stu…
  • How to pension your income in three easy steps (Forms A and B mastered!)

    1) Complete Pension Form A Pension Form A certifies the work you have done at a given practice (for OOH work you complete a SOLO form). Form A has two parts. The first part is completed by the locum and details the sessions worked and the fees earned. You should submit a Pension Form A with ev…
  • How do I contribute to my pension?

    You are eligible to contribute to your NHS pension scheme if you undertake locum work directly for an NHS employer. You are not eligible for the scheme if you work through a limited company or agency. If you are a portfolio GP with different roles you can still pension the work perfor…
  • Surviving your first day as a GP Locum

    Congratulations - you've got your first locum job! In order to get yourself off to a good start:   Arrive 15 minutes early Introduce yourself to keystaff, including any partnersor salaried doctors, so youcan approach them foradvice if needed. Ask for the locum pack (thissho…
  • What do I put in my doctors bag?

    There is great variability as to what equipment will be available to you when you arrive at a practice, therefore always be prepared. When preparing your doctor's bag, it is worth thinking about what you need for a typical surgery and home visit. Ensure your bag is lockable. Useful items are listed…
  • How do I negotiate pay?

    Pay rates vary greatly. To get an idea of the usual pay rate for your area you can ask other locums, compare what agencies are offering and speak to the practice as to what their usual rates are and then negotiate. Guidance on how to set rates of pay can be found at During these ne…
  • What documents do I need to work?

    To work as a locum GP for a practice or agency you will need the following paperwork. MyLocumManager can help in various ways, for example with templates, links and calculations. Curriculum VitaeYou can use our free CV template to help you with this. Certificate of Completion of Training (CC…
  • How do I find work?

    There is so much locum work available and many ways of working. Whichever you choose, MyLocumManager can help.   What ways of working are there? Independent locum GP This is by far the most popular way of working because it gives you the most autonomy. You can negotiate your own pay ra…
  • My Locum Manager: Why You Should Choose Us As Your Locum Management Tool

    Although being a locum is a rewarding and enjoyable job, it can be extremely challenging to keep on top everything that comes with it – bookings, pension forms, invoices, tax, and expenses. Using online locum management tools is a great solution for any locum that is finding it difficult to…
  • The BMJ features MyLocumManager

    In the recent edition of the BMJ, the feature article for that month focussed on doctors setting up technology companies in a bid to make the health service run more smoothly. Since our launch we have strived to reform the clunky, paper heavy and laborious administartion tasks that affect doct…
  • Everything you need to know for your tax return deadline

    By Dr Surina Chibber (@Dr_Surina) January 31st is the deadline for filing and paying your online Self Assessment tax return. If you’re a locum GP then this month may see you scrambling together paperwork, searching for government ID references and trying to make sense of your finances.&nbs…
  • How to use the new PCSE pension submission form

    Today, PCSE launched a new online form for GP payments, pension administration & queries.   What is the online form for? The online form will replace the current email method of sending forms and raising queries. Postal submission of forms will remain unaffected. The online form will be…
  • Important pension submission changes launching tomorrow 20th December

    Tomorrow, PCSE is launching a new online form for GP payments, pension administration & queries. What is the online form for?The online form will replace the current email method of sending forms and raising queries.Postal submission of forms will remain unaffected. The online form will be u…
  • Appraisal Made Easy

    MyLocumManager and Fourteen Fish have created an appraisal guide which is packed with tips for locums to take the pain out of the appraisal process.     To find out what other benefits we offer locum/sessional GPs sign up to MyLocumManager for a free trial.  
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