Congratulations - you've got your first locum job!

In order to get yourself off to a good start:


clock ppl handshake clipboard
Arrive 15 minutes early Introduce yourself to key
staff, including any partners
or salaried doctors, so you
can approach them for
advice if needed.
Ask for the locum pack (this
should contain information
such as computer login and
referral pathways).


To ensure you are well prepared, here is a useful checklist of questions to ask:

  • Where are the emergency drugs kept?
  • What is the extension number for reception?
  • Where is the panic button?
  • How do I call patients in?
  • How do I request blood tests and where are these done (on site or local hospital)?
  • How do I order x-rays and ultrasounds?
  • How do I refer for physiotherapy and counselling?
  • Where are MED3, MATB1 and maternity exemption forms kept?
  • How do I create referrals?
  • At the end of the session, consider any tasks that may need handing over or follow up.