Although being a locum is a rewarding and enjoyable job, it can be extremely challenging to keep on top everything that comes with it – bookings, pension forms, invoices, tax, and expenses. Using online locum management tools is a great solution for any locum that is finding it difficult to accurately monitor every area involved in their work.

Gone are the days of having to manually record everything, instead, you’ll have an app and online tool that can be accessed from any UK location and from any device.

What is My Locum Manager?


My Locum Manager is a cloud based business tool for locum and portfolio GPs, that ensures you stay organised, that was created for GPs by GPs. After facing several difficulties whilst working as a locum, we decided it was time to develop software that allowed us to manage every aspect of being a self employed GP with ease whilst on the go.

Features of our software


Due to the fact our aim was for My Locum Manager to be a one-stop-shop for GP locums, we evaluated which areas we found the most challenging whilst working as a locum and created features that addressed our needs.

So, what are the features of My Locum Manager?

  • An integrated diary

The integrated diary allows you to add your jobs to a purpose built calendar in just one click and displays all your upcoming jobs and an estimate of your expected monthly earnings. Whether that be a locum shift, out of hours, CCG income, educational roles, or appraiser work, you can store everything in one place. Furthermore, the My Locum Manager calendar can be synced to your phone or tablet which means you can access your schedule whilst on the move.

  • Automatic invoices and expense management

Tracking expenses and sending invoices is one area that we found particularly difficult whilst being a self employed GP. That’s why we implemented an invoices and expenses management tool. As you complete your jobs, our smart software automatically generates and sends out your invoices. This means you can focus your time of working rather than using valuable time to complete and send out invoices.  

  • Automated pension forms

Similarly to our invoices and expense management area, our software also has the capability to automatically create pension forms, meaning you can wave goodbye to complicated pension forms. You’ll be able to automatically complete, electronically sign, and send off both form A and form B with ease.

  • Tax and reporting suite

My Locum Manager also provides a tax and reporting suite which keeps track of everything you need for your end of your accounts. It means you’ll never miss another unpaid or uninvoiced session whilst also ensuring you can claim everything you are owed and pay the correct amount of tax.

My Locum Manager vs Locum Organiser vs Locum Deck: What’s the difference?


Locum Deck and Locum Organiser are both online tools that offer similar packages as ours to GP locums. However, although the software tackles some of the same issues as My Locum Manager, we have tried to focus our software around the user.

Because of our experience in the medical sector, we understand that GPs often have a variety of sources of income that can be challenging to manage. That’s why we’ve made our flexible platform unique. My Locum Manager allows you to add almost anything from CCGs work and educational income, as well as your regular locum shifts. For example, each feature can be accessed by the click of a button which gives you admission to everything you need at the tip of your fingers.

Additionally, we have ensured that GPs of all technical ability can use our intuitive software with ease. Whether you’re a tech savvy new GP or are a retiring GP partner, our software is designed as a time and money saving option with that’s simple to get started with.

Each feature of our software has a sleek and clean layout meaning you can clearly and quickly find the information you’re searching for. This differs from Locum Organiser and Locum Deck which are both much more cluttered and can be difficult to navigate.

Finally, along with our software, we also provide discounts from our partners such as exclusive medical equipment discounts, accountants, and CPD courses. All of this is included in the monthly fee – a service that neither Locum Organiser or Locum Deck provide.  


How to register with us


Registering with us is a quick and straightforward process. Simply click on the ‘register today’ button at the top right corner of your screen, fill in a few personal details such as your name and email address and click register – it really is that easy.

Once registered, you’ll receive a free 3 month trial of My Locum Manager which means we don’t require any card details and you have the option to cancel at any time.

Upon completion of your free trial, if you decide to continue using our locum management tool, upgrade your account. It costs just £12 per month to be a premium member and you have access to our app and website 24/7. Being a member of My Locum Manager means:

  • You can pause or cancel your membership at any time
  • You can earn free months by referring other GP locums
  • Your subscription fee is tax-deductible

If you require any further information about using My Locum Manager or you have a few questions about our registration process you’d like to ask a member of our team, please feel free to get in touch with us via our enquiry form.