The flexible staffing platform, My Locum Manager (MLM), has been selected by NHS England as a recommended digital flexible pools provider for the second time - helping Integrated Care Boards to increase the sessional capacity of their practices, improve the continuity of patient care, and ease pressure on staff.

The current staffing crisis being faced by Primary Care has stemmed from a lack of flexible, affordable resources, meaning practices have had to stretch staff further or spend large amounts on locum agencies to fill shifts. This creates a challenge for ICBs to ensure their PCNs and practices provided consistent quality of care in their area.

Founded by two GPs, Dr Matthew Beddoe and Dr Surina Chibber, MLM, which is part of the Agilio Software Group, integrates with EMIS and TeamNet to make it the only interoperable digital staffing platform for all staff types. Helping practices build relationships with self-employed clinicians, identify gaps in their rotas, and find cover for those available sessions.

It also allows ICBs to standardise rates and leverage existing locum communities across the ICS filling an immediate need – reducing the competition for rates and subsequent inequalities in shift filling created by other staff bank models.

With £120k in funding available to ICBs, the digital framework makes it easier to procure a flexible staff solution to implement in their networks and improve access to clinicians.

My Locum Manager Co-Founder, Dr Surina Chibber said: “We were thrilled to learn that we have been chosen for the NHS England’s digital framework for the second time, and be able to provide ICBs, their practices, and their staff with a flexible and sustainable staffing solution.

“We are still seeing an increasing pressure on primary care staff as well as on ICBs to be able to provide fair rates for self-employed clinicians without overpaying on agencies and causing disparity in the care provision being provided. MLM helps provide continuity in patient care, create supportive communities of trusted clinicians, and provide fair rates for available sessions so staff can just focus on providing the best care possible for patients.” 

Gemma Markham, Senior GP Commissioning & Development Manager

for NHS Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Board said: "Derby and Derbyshire ICS chose to work with MLM as we have shared values. MLM were able to offer a huge amount of support to our locums, which is essential in maintaining the well-being of our primary care workforce.

“Working with MLM offered a sustainable opportunity and with the developments MLM have made by merging with key partners, the long-term benefits of working with them have doubled. With our neighbours, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS, also using MLM, our locums have a wide scope to operate with ease across the two counties, improving the flexibility and coverage of the service."

David Taylor, Agilio Software Primary Care Managing Director added: “We are delighted that MLM has once again been chosen as part of the NHS England’s framework and help to ease the staffing pressures faced by ICBs and practices through innovative technology.


“We know that giving ICBs and their staff access to the right tools and resources, all in one place, helps to ease pressure on staff and ensures that they can keep hold of talent in the long-term. Our 20 years of experience, along with MLM’s innovative software, offers ICBs a great opportunity to create their own pool of talented and trusted staff that suits their needs and allows practices to run more smoothly.”