Do you have new year resolutions to celebrate the start of 2017? We are delighted to welcome career coach Johnny Limpus to tell us how to make this new year your best yet.

 By Johnny Limpus,

Career Coach & Lifestyle Design


New year, old you?

Despite the crescendo of hope hurtling through your television screens at this time of year, the possibility of 2017 being drastically different to 2016, is highly unlikely. 

In fact, whilst the lottery win, partner of your dreams and career breakthrough COULD happen in 2017, they are still more possible than probable. 

So, what’s the good news?

Well, the good news is that it really is a new year with the old you. 

That means you get a second, third or thirty-fifth bite of the cherry that is your life. 

Another chance to create the work life balance you want and the financial independence you desire. 

After all, practice makes perfect, doesn’t it.

So how about taking a different approach this January 1st?

Rather than trying a brand new approach to time management how about simplifying the one you tried last year? 

Rather than looking for more money, how about tracking your spending and costs more accurately with

Rather than constantly searching for what’s missing, how about focusing on getting more from what you have already?

New will always appear exciting, easier and more attractive than old. 

However, new isn’t always the answer, and if you speak to any successful freelancer they will all tell you that their “secret” is generally nothing more than consistent service and good relationships.

If you want some more help simplifying your goals and plans for 2017 then why not download my free ebook, “Goal Getting for Busy People

It’s easy to use and it’s what my wife and I use to run two businesses, whilst traveling the world. 

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In 2005 Johnny Limpus was stressed out, uninspired and disillusioned with life selling software to investment banks around Europe. 

At an all time low he decided to follow his passion and start his own Outdoor Exercise company in West London. 

10 years later, he helps other people create a life around health, wealth and purpose as a life coach at

This year he will travel to Thailand, Japan and around Europe with his wife whilst still running his fitness and coaching businesses. 

If you are interested in creating your own "Adventure in Lifestyle Design" then you can contact him at



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