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My name is Dr Matthew Beddoe. I am a GP in Wandsworth, London. Over the past few years I have worked as a locum GP before more recently becoming a GP partner. Whilst working as a locum, I realised how difficult it is to stay on top of all the admin that built up with each job. Making bookings, sending invoices, chasing payments, keeping records for accountants, and trying to manage those awful pension forms took up so much additional time.

I tried a variety of different systems, from spreadsheets to invoicing programs, but there was nothing I could find that was quick, user friendly and actually made my life easier. From talking to other locums, it seemed that many felt the same. It was then that I decided to create MyLocumManager.

I have worked together with a team of Locum GPs to create something that I believe will be of value to everyone that works in this field. My aim is that this website should keep you organised whilst saving you time, stress and money.




My name is Dr Surina Chibber. I started working as a GP locum 18 months ago after completing my training from the St Marys VTS scheme in London. The first few months of work were a steep learning curve. I had so many questions - What is the best way to find work? How can I stay organised with my locum admin? What do I do with the pension forms? How do I create Invoices? What tax information will be required for my tax return and how do I do this in the most tax efficient way possible? 

I found that it was difficult to get all this information in one place and I would often resort to asking friends and colleagues or doing searches on google!

Another thing I realised is that locum work generates a lot of admin! I became frustrated with the existing solutions out there. Most were difficult to learn and also time consuming to use. So I decided to join forces with other experienced locum doctors and we created a simple, effective solution - MyLocumManager. With MyLocumManager you can manage all your locum admin on your phone or tablet. As doctors we are all notorious for not being very tax efficient with our hard earned money so we have incorporated money saving features like our finance centre and expense system to ensure it will be easy to record everything you or your accountant will need for your tax returns. 

We began sharing MyLocumManager with friends and colleagues and it has quickly grown from there!

Our team of experienced locums have also created a resource section where you can find everything you need to start locum work. We know that it can be isolating when you leave VTS so we have created a doctor only ‘GP life after VTS’ Facebook group which has hundreds of doctors happy to help and support you through your locum career.


Our Mission

 1. It must be simple and intuitive. I wasted so much time using systems that were difficult or time consuming to use, it became really frustrating trying to do something that should be a straightforward process. Therefore MyLocumManager has been designed to work in a natural way, so that you can instinctively use it without having to try to work out how to do each action. 

2. It must work on smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, we use our smart phones and tablets for everything from checking our emails to doing our banking. So your locum admin shouldn't be any different. I find it saves me so much more time when I can book my sessions, or send my invoices from my phone or iPad instead of being restricted to logging onto my desktop. You can even add our web app icon to your phone home screen for added convenience.

3. It must be as automatic as possible. Through every step of development, my team were always looking for ways to reduce the burden on the user. Our smart system automatically generates and sends invoices as you complete your booked jobs so you don't have to set aside additional time for repetitive admin tasks. We have made pension forms automatic and virtually paperless so you don't have to manually print and send them to practices. You can edit jobs easily and keep track of all unpaid invoices. Expenses can be added at the touch of a button and all the information you need for your annual tax return is displayed clearly in our finance suite.

4. It must save the user time and money. Our unique features have all been created by addressing the everyday problems that make locum admin tedious and time consuming. MyLocumManager will keep you organised and make your locum admin easy and effortless.

It's been an exciting process creating this website and the feedback so far has been fantastic. We could all benefit from new methods of organising and managing our locum admin and I really feel that MyLocumManager offers an effective solution.

Dr Matthew Beddoe & Dr Surina Chibber

Founders of MyLocumManager